Who We Are

A.J. Higgs - Vice President of Projects

hometown: Mount Laurel, NJ (the epitome of the suburban, cul-de-sac paradise)

why I do what I do: I have a passion for running and managing projects---it’s gratifying to organize, orchestrate and implement a dream into a reality that people can experience and enjoy.

last book read: I firmly believe that my daily Philadelphia Inquirer will not be replaced by Internet news outlets! My morning coffee wouldn’t be the same.

hobbies: Sailing, canoeing, camping, building furniture, boating, playing with the kids.

quote: 'Perseverance – secret of all triumphs' - Victor Hugo

profile: I like juggling multiple balls in the air and managing to keep everyone happy. It’s a bit of balancing act, but its fun.

favorite time on the job: The 1st day the public is allowed into a museum--it’s fascinating to see how people react differently to various aspects of the experience.

latest accomplishment: Completing the Utah Museum of Natural History. A mammoth museum in Salt Lake City encompassing 150 million years of natural history in 10 themed galleries in a unique, sustainable structure. I will miss my occasional ski trip weekends

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