Who We Are

Linda Konopka - Project Manager

hometown: Nutley, NJ

position: Project Coordinator

why I do what I do: I like figuring things out and the creative energy that goes into finding new solutions. I’m inspired by the blend of science, culture or history with art, design and fabrication. It’s important to me that our contribution may inspire a mind, or fill someone’s spirit with wonder or even questions.

last book read: No Man Is An Island by Thomas Merton

hobbies: Going to all kinds of live theatre; whether it’s Broadway, Concerts or Shakespeare in the Parking Lot; Yoga, Time with Family and Friends and a really good meal. I also like books, really old out of print ones.

quote: 'I am still learning'. Michelangelo

favorite time on the job: When a project is in full production and the team culture solidifies; when what we’re creating collectively becomes greater than any of the participants. That’s where the magic happens.

latest accomplishment: I beat my high score on 1010.

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