Who We Are

Michael Rogowski - IT Director / Interactive Coordinator

hometown: Collingswood, NJ

why I do what I do: Because my new hip ended my dreams as a pro goalie in the NHL.

last book read: Campaign Furniture – Lost Art Press

hobbies: Woodworking and Hockey

quote: “This is what happens when an unstoppable force… meets an immovable object” - The Joker

profile: Started out building and remodeling homes early on and then found my way into the museum business by answering an ad in the newspaper. I spent 14 years employed by the Franklin Institute Science Museum building and maintaining interactive exhibits and also spent some time in the IT department. I then found my way to Maltbie where building interactives and IT duties are my day to day.

favorite time on the job: When all the parts are coming in and the final version starts to come alive…or explode.

latest accomplishment: Finished building my Shaker workbench in my shop.

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