Who We Are

Mark Berg - Senior Project Manager

hometown: Saginaw, Michigan

why I do what I do: I enjoy the learning experience that each new project brings and the opportunities to conquer the many challenges along the way.

last book read: “The Change Monster: The Human Forces That Fuel Or Foil Corporate Transformation And Change” by Jeanie Daniel Duck

hobbies: Treasure hunting; numismatics; relic and memorabilia collecting, designing abstract art, inventing, etc.

quote: "The journey is the reward” – Confucius

profile: I spend part of my time trying to do things right, most of my time trying to do the right things, and all of my time wondering what I could have done better.

favorite time on the job: At the end of the project when we’ve met everyone’s goals – on time, on budget, and when we’ve exceeded our client’s expectations.

latest accomplishment: I joined a world class organization – kubik Maltbie!

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