Who We Are

George Mayer - Vice President, Business Development

hometown: Park Ridge, NJ

why I do what I do: It’s theater, it’s art, it’s culture. It’s creating something. It’s the tree forts and tunnels that we dug and built as kids, only all grown up, and the world gets to visit. I love seeing an idea get built and watching people engage with it and learn from it.

last books read: “The Axe and the Oath: Ordinary Life in the Middle Ages” - Robert Fossier, “The Beatles: the Biography” – Bob Spitz, “A Walk in the Woods” – Bill Bryson

hobbies: Guitar, bicycling, reading, learning new things, re-learning old things, good humor.

quote: "I like things to happen, and if they don't happen I like to make them happen" Winston Churchill

profile: Type A during proposal prep. Type D on the weekend. I love doing the detective work that it takes to uncover new projects and then the follow-up and nurturing that it takes (sometimes for years) to make them happen. (see the Churchill quote above)

favorite time on the job: “Hey George. I’m calling to say that we’d like to award your firm the contract”.

latest accomplishment: Dallas Arboretum “Rory Myers Children’s Adventure Garden” (Dallas, TX), Nature Research Center (Raleigh, NC),

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