Who We Are

Chuck Maltbie - President

hometown: Ambler, Pennsylvania

why I do what I do: Little choice I suppose. It was either stay in the Army, go to law school, or join the family business. I chose the latter; and have loved every minute of it.

last book read: "In the Garden of Beasts" by Erik Larson

quote: While spoken originally (I believe) by Benjamin Franklin, my version reminds me to “say nothing and have others believe me a fool; rather than open my mouth and confirm their suspicions”. I’m also fond of the saying that “people may not always remember the kind words you say to them; but they will never forget an unkind word”.

hobbies: Everything out-of-doors including boating, camping, flying and chasing my kids.

profile: It could be said that I was raised to work in the exhibit industry, because my father, Charles Sr. started the business in 1961. He often described the excitement and synergy that “our” industry embodied, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s exciting that no 2 days or 2 projects are ever quite the same.

favorite time on the job: Attending an opening and watching the visitors; not the client, experience the exhibits for the first time.

latest accomplishment: Watching my daughter graduate from Kindergarten.

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