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The Art Gallery Of Ontario

November 14th, 2008

Throughout these galleries, kubik-Maltbie has fashioned cases that have been exquisitely detailed with a range of beautiful finishes including granite, marble and copper in order to complement the beautiful objects on display. Two Gehry International designed “roomettes” - small 56 square foot enclosures, one clad in shining, overlapping copper tiles, the other in black slate - create intimate spaces for visitors to view exquisite works such as illuminated manuscripts.

“The range of materials used in the cases and displays throughout the European galleries - gold leaf, galvanized metal, polished copper, huge sheets of mitered glass, Douglas fir - were all selected and used to wonderfully complement the rooms, the galleries and the collection,” said Skorch. “In any gallery, you don't want people looking at the case work, you want them looking at the special objects they're designed to hold; but from the back-lit label decks and the object illumination to the ingenious design and construction, we believe these displays set a new standard for museums and galleries.”

A Partnership in Vision, Fabrication and Installation

“Our group - from the designers, to the engineers, to the installers - worked as a seamless team. It's very rare to work on a project like this where so many partners are able to come together effortlessly to achieve a common goal: crafting elegant, appropriate environments that really showcase the best the AGO has to offer,” said Chaplin.

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