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Great Balls of Fire! Heads to Fabrication

January 28th, 2011

The Great Balls of Fire! project includes two separate exhibitions, a 3000-square-foot exhibit that will premiere at the Science Museum of Virginia in June 2011, and a 750-square-foot exhibit that will open in July of 2011 and tour small science centers. Jeff Kennedy Associates Inc. designed both exhibits and Kubik-Maltbie Inc. is fabricating them. Cortina Productions is producing an immersive multimedia experience that will be a central attraction in the large exhibit.

The large exhibit has four main areas: Origins, Asteroids, Comets, and Impacts. The centerpiece is Comet and Asteroid Quest, a spacecraft that visitors will climb into and blast off on a mission to explore asteroids and comets and learn about the origin of the Solar System, the formation of asteroids and comets, and what happens when comets impact a planet like Jupiter.

The small exhibit includes a variety of multimedia experiences, such as computer-based activities that calculate risks from impacts and one that allows visitors to see how accurate their favorite disaster movies are. The smaller footprint of this exhibit makes it ideally suited for smaller science centers with limited exhibition space.

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